Astrosoul Oracle Deck



【本店獲外國多間塔羅牌出版商之正式授權,所有牌卡均從外地直接進口,正品保證,請安心選購】 Astrosoul is an Astrology Deck for the Evolution of the Soul for both former Astrologers and those who want to learn about this subject. This deck covers all the major elements to connect you with the Universal language written in the Stars, such as Star Signs, Houses, Planets, Asteroids, Aspects, Nodes, Eclipses, Retrogrades, Vertex as well as the different phases of the Moon (which can be subsequently divided into another oracle deck in itself). The Cards: 62 unique designs 120 mm x 75 mm card size Luxurious matte card stock Gold foil front and back Blue matte hand-painted edges The Guidebook: A very detailed guidebook with extensive knowledge about all the core elements represented in the cards The Box: Sturdy two-part box to hold the cards and the guidebook Rose petal finish (velvet touch) Luxurious gold foil stamp Designed and written by Maria Praena